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Old School Pzostry Lovin'!'s Journal

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Saturday, November 22nd, 2003
12:42 pm - Pzostries Reunion Sleepover NYC 2003

Okay, so, first of all:

Second of all:

I need to know some dates that people are going to be freebirds over the winter holiday break. Basically, if you guys could give me an idea of your availability between Dec. 20th and New Years so that I can plan Fiesta Grande (read Pzostries Reunion Sleepover NYC 2003). If I want to send out Save The Date cards, I need a date to save. :) So just comment here and let me know. Ole!

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Thursday, August 21st, 2003

I just tried that My LiveJournal Sitcom thing.

The plots themselves weren't particularly funny, but the actors set to play us were:
Me: Cindy Crawford
Carly: Gene Wilder
Kacie: Chris Rock
Stacy: Robert DeNiro
Cathy: Tom Sellek
Kerry: Mel Brooks

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Sunday, April 27th, 2003
10:59 am

Remember the OldSchoolLovin' community? Aww...

Anyway, SAN FRAN, people?!

List of People Who Live In San Fran
Linden's Boyfriend Zach (for the summer, anyhow)

List of People Going To San Fran in July

List of People Who Should Also Come to San Fran, If At All Possible, Puh-lease

Your Dit For The Day!

Dit Stacy: "I was like, 'Um, Taco Straw!"

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Saturday, February 15th, 2003
10:30 am

Okay, so I was searching for an old note that Carly wrote me about "Vlantin's Day". And, of course, once I start reading old notes, it's pretty much impossible to cease. This one made me laugh... mostly because this is actually how we used to speak. So, just for kicks, here's an old note from me to Carly circa February, 1997:

(picture of 2 fish) <-- les poissons gemini! hoopla! i have just finished Sir Writing Process, and am much the bored [<-- "what would be the best way to make sentence 3 in that passage less wordy?"] (music note) yeah, yeah, whirly bird, you know what I'm sayin' (music note) unfortunately for us, there is no song that goes, (music note) yeah, yeah whirly bird, you know what i'm sayin! (music note)!!! IT WAS ALL A CRUEL LIE! now, here is an actual living song: (music note) your love is like a roller coaster, baby, i wanna ride, woo woo woo (music note). that song has much replaced 'lovefool' in my head. oh my. much scariness is running thru the classroom. i think it's thyme to call in the FEDS!!! (music note) oh yeah, you know it, I'm a FED! (music note) this note is much chock full o' songs!!! hmmm... now i am finished Sir Quantitative Ability, known in the big house as Sir Evil. (picture of a house) < -- whoa, man, dat's a big house. actually that house is quite small. that house is so bloody small i'm ready to tear my skin off, throw it in a blender with some pineapples and cottage cheese and maybe some tapioca pudding (cuz i love tapioca pudding) and whipped cream or something. yeah, then i'll mesh it into a ball with some granite and pelt it at Sir Evil's Sir Head!!! Sir Evil Head, no less!!!! now i have finished Sir Mathematics. ummm... miles just ate his scrap paper and Sir Test Supervisor Guy kicked him out of here. that was quite frightening. y'know how i've started using the phrase "affirmative" much? well, i have stopped. i have no taken to repititiously yelling whatever the item is that is affirmative. example: suppose my mom says, "would you like some green beans for dinner?" instead of my passe, "affirmative", i will now scream, "GREEN BEANS!" see how that works? the only flaw i have discovered in my plan is as follows: i'm sure we all recall the incident where Sir Frightening Haircut offered me a munch-o. in this case, i screamed "munch-O!" as a declination. however, with my new screaming plan, if i were to retort, "munch-O!", it would be seen as a sign of my saying, "why thank you, Sir Frightening Haircut... a munch-o would delight me. it would make my millenium. thank you for your kind offer." and thence i would be forced to accept a munch-o. you see the dilemna. please help me sort out this problem. --munch-O? in PA

oh, wait, i have forgotten that i am writing to poisson and not dear abby. you should start your own advice column called, like, dear poisson, or something crazy like that.

why would anyone buy multiple posters of huge looming calculators screaming, "wheeee!!!! sin! stat! prgm! alpha!" ?!?!?!?!?! < -- vexed out fourple 'terro!

well, my wiley friend, once again, it's time to play "ZOOBOTS!" go on, i'll wait. okay, now, is it a word? >you say, YES< does it start with a Z?! >you say, YES< now, does it end with a BOTS?! >you say, YES< Could it be some ZOOBOTS?! >you say, YES!< well, it seems as tho i've won yet again.

luv, un poisson


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Wednesday, November 13th, 2002
10:26 am - Dit of the Day

Dit Carly: Let my man-thighs do the convincin'!

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Tuesday, November 12th, 2002
12:21 pm - Dit of the Day!

Dit Stacy: Are you gonna send Mystery Jeff a mystery invite? He'd be like, "What the mystery hell is this?!"

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Sunday, November 10th, 2002
4:11 pm - So that's a crack ho!

The dit book will solve this case!

The dits go in the following order:

Dit Triangle: "Oh yeah? Well I'm Captain Weener and you're not allowed on my ship!"

Dit Cathy: "TGIF-that!"

So it can, in fact, be assumed that these occured the same night. But I am almost positive that both of these happened at the T.G.I.Friday's where we met Stranger. If I recall, it was all the Pzostries and also Triangle and Mo. Although it's true that we were at TGIFridays, I do think that the referance was regarding the new TGIF line-up, not the restaurant.

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9:48 am - Dit Of The Day!

What do we all think of Dit Of The Day?
There's nothin' more old school than dits, and I've got plenty to spare!
Here's your first installment...!

Dit Cathy: "TGIF-that!"

I believe this took place at Friday's... the very same night we met the o-so-fortunate Stranger.

current mood: ditastic!

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Wednesday, September 25th, 2002
11:04 pm - possibly the only time i've ever typed the p-word.

i so wish i was at home so i could find this drawing and show it to you all.
i'm talking about the second version in a series of two drawings of some cartoon man's obscenely large penis. perhaps jon conahan (excuse any misspellings). i have no idea why I ended up with the drawing. was it something to do with family awareness night (what the hell was that called)?

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7:02 am - I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air

I just watched Saved By The Bell, the middle school years... did you know that it takes place in Indiana?!

I find it amazing that Zack, Lisa and Screech all transferred to the exact same school in California when they entered high school. Maybe they're secretly related. Thoughts?

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Sunday, September 22nd, 2002
11:27 pm - High School Reunion?

For some reason, this really disturbs me....

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Thursday, September 19th, 2002
10:29 pm - more iron, less risks for me...
stacerock1 i decided to peruse my calc notebook to see if i have any more fun notes hidden- i had something even better than a note! a postcard! on the front it says "STERIODS: ANABOLIC-ANDROGENIC" and has a guy lifting weights and it also says "breats, balding, acne, shrunkin testicles, etc" on it. so i flip over the back and it says:
dear stacy,
ps. this makes no sense
(with an arrow pointed at a part that said "PUMP IRON, NOT RISKS")
i'd also like to comment on how it was addressed to me:
Stacey (with the e crossed out) Lenz
the desk behind me
math class, usa 19073.

ok. two things: first i am in love with math class' zip code and two, carly, thank you, that was the best advice anyone ever gave me. no more steriods for me.

current mood: steriod free

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Wednesday, September 18th, 2002
11:03 pm

house on fire:
apes fendaaa
paige miller
leung ta

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Tuesday, September 17th, 2002
5:25 pm - Written in a pink gel pen...

A Very Poor Poem
There once was a girl named Kristyn
Whose friend had a thang for Tristan
Alas, I think he's the devil
Cuz his hair is never dishevel(ed)
And that is the story of Kristyn
........and Carly
by Stacy!

Thank you for that!
Uhoh... I think you just inspired another "Old School" Memory....

If you will recall, back in the day, we used to get special "research time" to use in the library during enrichment... and, as you'll recall, instead of doing research, we used to sit around on the computers and check our e-mail and fuck around on the internet.

One such occasion... I believe it was myself and Linden (although I believe it was Carly and I who collaborated on Deep Thought at Starbucks one day)... we were sitting at a computer, staring at the books in front of us, and we would take a random title, and then write a poem, based on said title. We then submitted them to poetry.com, where they can be found to this very day.

(first, the Starbucks one...)
Deep Thought
Here's some big news
For all the coffe lovers:
A fun game for you,
Your sisters and brovers.
Yes, it's Cranium
And it's all the rage!
It's free of uranium,
And goes great with a drink....... age.


(and now, Linden and I's Enrichment Library Research Time Poems)

Good Digging
The Battle-axe people
Love good diggin'
They tore down a steeple
So they could be diggin'.

They dug and they dug
Into the deep ground
Then slept all snug
Without a sound.

Christ and the Fine Arts
Christ likes to dabble
In the finest of arts
While enjoyin' a Snapple
And some strawberry tarts.

In truth, he enjoys eatin'
More than fine arts
So we should give him a beatin'
And usurp his tarts.

Mmm, tarts!

The Sword Of The Prophet
My prophet's got a sword
It's shiny and sharp
He uses it when bored
To capture some carp

Sucn conquest by a man
Is truly a feat
For carps are the most
Difficult fish to eat

current mood: unbelievably amused

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5:14 pm - look what hit me in the head!
stacerock1 it is sooooo fortunate that this comminity has turned up (good job on that)because i just happened to have found a note, an amusing note at that. while i was looking for something in my closet, my old calc binder (why do i still have that?) fell off the top shelf and smacked me in the head. anyway, a note on a teeny piece of paper fell out and i thought i should present it here, for posterity and all...

"hello! do you think i can afford leg warmers, leggins, shoes, a bright pink bra, AND a shirt AND big expensive birthday presents for 2 people with approximately $20 to my name? hrmm. did i tell you that i no longer <3 tristan godell? cuz i DON'T. i do, however, love josh morrow. kristyn and i have decided that we are going to have a competition to see who can get with most guys! <3, carly"
on the same tiny piece of paper i replied:
"huh. kerry and i are, as you know, players and have appropriate "playa" bracelets... it seems you and kristyn need to join our club... ps. 2 days ago matt lomastro winked at me, and let me tell you, i giggled. peace out, stacy"
to which carly replied:
"hey! matt lomastro winked at kristyn yesterday! AND he was paradin' around in a white undershirt! i think matt lomastro ALSO needs to join out playas' club! however kristyn and i are only holding the competition at our party. we're only occasional playas. <3 carly"

ah, memories. this also reminds me: NTNSNRG!

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